Getting Ready for Your Professional Teeth Whitening

Posted on: June 5, 2019

Teeth whitening options these days are many and varied, making it a good idea for anyone who wants whiter teeth to look into all their available options. Most of the whitening choices are found in one’s local store, where there are a number of different types of whitening products. This includes but is not limited to whitening trays, whitening strips, whitening toothpastes and whitening mouthwashes. Even though these options are available to everyone, they simply cannot offer the same quality of whitening treatment that an experienced dentist can.

Why professional teeth whitening?

Want to take advantage of the professional teeth whitening services that a dentist can provide for you? Using the services of an experienced dentist when you want whiter teeth ensures that the entire whitening process is done safely. Over-the-counter whitening products are, for the most part, "one size fits all," which means that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. In-office teeth whitening services also last much longer, which means that patients do not have to perform the same whitening treatments every few weeks or so. Simply put, when you choose a dentist to whiten your teeth, you will receive customized whitening services.

Getting ready for your professional teeth whitening

The following is a list of beneficial information that will help those who choose professional teeth whitening services to prepare for their in-office procedure.

Make a consultation appointment

Making an initial consultation appointment for more information on the teeth whitening process is suggested. There are different types of professional whitening treatments that dentists utilize nowadays. While all treatments are geared toward whitening a patient's teeth, some patients may have veneers or stains that they want to be removed. Veneers do not respond to whitening products, and stains may require a bleaching process vs. a whitening process.

Make a dental cleaning appointment

Clean teeth offer better whitening results, making it a good idea to have one’s teeth professionally cleaned before undergoing a professional whitening treatment. Existing plaque and tartar prevent whitening products from fully doing their job, which can potentially lead to uneven whitening results.

Use products for sensitive teeth

Whitening one’s teeth in-office often means patients will receive the highest, safest dose of whitening ingredients around, which often lead to various degrees of tooth sensitivity. By using dental products geared towards sensitive teeth, they will experience less or even no sensitivity at all.

Ready to make an appointment?

Now that you have read the above information, you know what is required to prepare yourself for professional teeth whitening treatments. When your teeth are white and bright, you are much more likely to show off your smile! Even though you may be tempted to try one of the over-the-counter teeth whitening options available today, understand that they will not give you the same results as in-office teeth whitening services. Give us a call today!

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