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If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"Coworkers of mine spoke highly of Dr Sotelo. I was too squirrely and had other medical conditions (epilepsy) that i am still skeptical other doctors or staff understand and I don't like opening up to new, so i was happy just to hear. Until, I thought I was on my third cavity when my dentist was insisting like the previous two this 3rd also had to be pulled. Come on teeth don't grow back. My dentist also insisted this immediately. Pull it or more money for a root canal cause I supposedly had an abscess too. I saw my dentist once a year why were my teeth decaying so fast. I asked my dentist about other sensitivity I experienced and he assured me i had no other cavities but this tooth had to go. I needed a second opinion fast, my dentist seemed to be rushed and had no time to explain or answer any questions. I called Dr. Sotelo's office and they seemed genuinely concerned also and squeezed me in quick. I stressed wanting to save my tooth tho and my concerns about my mysterious sensitivity. Amazing! he saved my tooth (crown) no abscess found and filled 7 other cavities with white fillings instead of eyesore silver! Love Leslie my new hygienist and Lois my new secretary. Wish i jumped on two teeth sooner." 

~Marcia G. 

"I had two root canals on my front teeth, followed by temp crowns, and three weeks later, the permanent crowns were put on. The whole office is wonderful, patient and very understanding. I was 100% pain free, and would absolutely recommend them to everyone! The best dentist and crew I have ever been to. Great chair side manners"

~Paul K. 

"State of the art equipment. All questions were answered. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Office is exceptionally clean. Very patient oriented professional practice. We feel confident about returning if necessary. Office was very easy to locate."

~Gerri D.

"Very understanding, compassionate, and gentle. The best Dentist I have ever been to!"

~Leticia F. 

"Dr. Sotelo performed a comprehensive exam and provided me with many options to replace my broken teeth. He had a very pleasant chair side manner and made sure that I was comfortable. Everyone in the front desk area is very easy to deal with and is very eager to offer help with insurance issues." 

~Charles D. 

"My experience was interesting. I had dental work in my upper left and lower right. When my doctor used the instrument on my upper left I knew he was administering the anesthetic but it was less pain than it would have been. Administration to my lower right however was a different experience. I knew he was giving me the needle as if he was doing it without the aid of the dental vibe. Overall I would say anything that can assist in eliminating pain of the mouth is definitely work the risk in my opinion. No complaints here. "
~ Tracey H.

"I found this dental tool totally awesome. I hate getting the needle even I know it is totally needed to get the work done. Once I get over the anxiety of the needle and become totally numb. Game on doc can do what is needed. But like I said with your device it is like a two stage device. First stage a two pulse distraction. And second is the actual tone distraction of this tool takes away all of the fear and notice of the dready needle. Great job guys. Love it!"
~ Michael L.

"After recieving noumerous novacaine injections throughout my years of having dental work, I can honestly say that while my doctor used the dentalvibe injection comfort system it was a pain free experience. I am very happy that this product lived up to what it promotes. Thank you for making my dental experience a pleasurable one"
~ Nancy M.

"So thankful that my Dentist, Dr. Pablo Sotelo, invested in DENTAL VIBE !!....Because of this wonderful new dental tool, I felt NOTHING during the administration of my anesthesia injection (not even the smallest pinch)....Every dentist's office should have Dental Vibe !! ;}"
~ Kristine F.

"No pain!"
~ Mark M.

"When my dentist hooked me up with DentalVibe it lessened the pain of my injection considerably. On one sid e of my mouth I felt only a slight pinch, and on the other side I felt nothing at all when he gave me the injection."
~ Kathleen C.

"I had no pain with the injections. I am very afraid of the dentist, and needed a lot of work done. I was very happy with this vibration in my mouth. No needle injection pain at all."
~ Earlene S.

"It was better than I could have dreamed. No pain with a needle that normally would have me shaking in my boots."
~ Kathy L.

"Dr. Sotelo was great in explaining the function of and benefits of DentalVIbe. The DentalVibe p rovided a pain free and reduce stress dental experience."
~ Karen M.

"The dental vibe didn't really make a difference in my experience. I felt very little pain both when the dentis t used the dental vibe and when he didn't."
~ Tiara F.

"I think the Dental Vibe helped better my experience at the dentist's office. I didn't feel as much pain as usua l when getting the anesthesia injection."
~ Briana W.

"It was awesome! I didn't feel any stick or pinch. Made going to the dentist not so bad. Dr. Sotelo is really gentle b ut this made it even better."
~ Carl H.

"I had a cavity filled yesterday and Dr. Sotello used his new Dental Vibe. I never felt the needle at all. What a great invention!!"
~ Lynda St. P.

"Had procedure done on 5/19/14 at 6pm and hardley felt the needle at all "
~ Carol J.

"I felt no pain at all during the injection of novacaine with this new device. It was great."
~ Alana C.

"Was much more pleasant than past experiences"
~ Stephen M.

"I did not feel the needle pinch at all. It relaxed me"
~ Mary F.

"Pain Free injection. Never felt anything at all. "
~ Ledia L.

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