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Meet the Team - Dentist Philadelphia PA


Registered Dental Hygienist

I love educating our patients about the need for a healthy mouth and how that correlates to a healthy body. I understand that life can be busy, so I try to help each patient find a way to have a healthy mouth that works best for their lifestyle. When I spend time talking with a person about how to develop good habits and proper home dental care processes, and then I see them at a future appointment and can see that they are putting the information into practice, it’s incredibly rewarding. In addition to offering dental education, I also perform prophys, which means I clean teeth, and scalings, too. Since I spend my days with patients, I have a chance to get to know them and I love hearing about what’s happening in the lives.

Outside of work, I spend much of my time with my family, including my husband Lim, daughter Leda, and son, James Jr. We also have a family dog, Buddy, who’s a border collie / labradoodle mix. I enjoy hiking, various craft projects, cooking and baking, and I’m active in my church, as well.



Dental Assistant

I truly love every part of my job! I feel very blessed to be a part of this office and I enjoy coming to work every day. I especially love interacting with our patients. There is always a way to brighten-up someone’s day. I am always myself and I look for the fun in every situation, including during procedures. It’s a great feeling to know that I’ve helped someone feel more relaxed and less apprehensive about a dental procedure, and seeing their smile at the end is such a great feeling. I order materials and perform patient charting, take impressions and X-rays, sterilize our laboratory, instruments, and operatories, and set-up procedures, among other tasks. I also bring patients into the treatment area and settle them in, making sure they are comfortable and ready for our doctor.

Away from work, I enjoy spending time with my family and going out with friends. Even though I’m a Dental Assistant, I have a terrible weakness for candy!



Dental Assistant

Seeing our patients smile when they walk out of our office, because we helped them improve their oral health and have created beautiful teeth for them, is the best part of my day.  My job duties include sterilizing instruments, lab, and operatiories, taking dental X-rays and impressions, and setting-up patient procedures. I also settle patients in, in the operatory, and make sure that they are comfortable and relaxed. I am good at providing entertainment and distraction, especially for those patients who are a little bit scared, and I can almost always get them to smile.

Spending quality time with my family is important to me. I share my life with daughters Franchesca and Alya, son, Francisco, and my husband, Frank. I love to be in the kitchen, cooking delicious meals, and baking, too!



Office Manager

Getting to meet each of our patients, and spend time with them, is the best part of my day. It makes me feel good when I am able to help a person with arranging financing or making the most of their insurance benefits. If I can make it possible for them to receive much needed and wanted treatment, I feel it’s a great accomplishment, and when I see the relief on a person’s face when they realize they’ll be getting the care they want, it’s incredible! Here, I oversee the daily operations of our practice. I am our financial coordinator and handle insurance and billing issues, too. I also oversee the team scheduling, and coordinate continuing education activities for our staff members.

I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, Carl. And I always look forward to visits with my children, including my son, Matthew and daughter-in-law, Marisa, as well as my son Kevin and his wife, Elyse. I also have two wonderful grandchildren, Meghan and Zachary. Computer games keep my mind busy, I love to cook, and I adore spending time at the beach in North Wildwood.




My favorite part of the work day is being able to accommodate the patients we care for, so they can reach optimal oral health. This is a very positive office, with lots of smiles and laughter, and our patients are usually the ones doing the smiling and laughing! That’s a great feeling to know they’re happy when they’re with us. I’m the person who answers our phones and greets patients when they arrive for their visit. I also check patients in and out, and collect any payments due, as well. All of this means I have a lot of time to talk with and really get to know some wonderful people, and that makes every day enjoyable.

As for my time away from work, I prefer to spend it with my daughter, Analey. I enjoy cooking and discovering new places to enjoy quality time with my family and loved ones.